US Open Pool Results

2019 Master's


2019 NCAA Tournament Challenge

It's that time of year again! The field has been set, and you have until the first round begins on Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m. to turn in your bracket. As anyone who has played in the past will tell you, you don't need to be a college basketball aficionado to win! We welcome all to play and follow along with games throughout the tournament. The cost is $20 for one bracket or 3 for $50. You may print the bracket below, or stop by the course and fill one out or take one with you and bring it back.
We like to do things a little differently with scoring to give more credit to those who pick upsets, and who pick teams that go the deepest into the tournament. Therefore, scoring is based on team seed multiplied by points given per round.
Round 1 (Round of 64)~2 Points
Round 2 (Round of 32)~3 Points
Round 3 (Sweet Sixteen)~4 Points
Round 4 (Elite Eight)~6 Points
Round 5 (Final Four)~9 Points
Round 6 (Championship Game)~13 Points
Example: If you correctly picked NDSU to upset Duke in round 1, you'd receive 32 points.  If you pick Duke and they hold serve, you'd receive 2 points.